ALIDOLL 168cm (5.51ft) Danish Beauty Silicone Sex Doll


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ALIDOLL 168cm (5.51ft) Danish Beauty Real Silicone Sex Dolls for Men Vagina Oral Ass Dropshipping TPE Rubber Woman Free Shipping

#1 Product Information

You will receive the real doll which is 100% same like pictures!  

Product Specifications


Height: 168cm (5.51 ft)

Weight: 41kg (90.38 lb)

Brest Size: 100cm (39.37 in)

Waist: 53cm (20.86 in)

Hips: 90cm (35.43 in)

Vagina Depth: 17cm (6.69 in)

Anal Depth: 15cm (5.9 in)

Oral Depth: 14cm (5.51 in)

Feet Length: 20cm (7.87 in)



The photos might have sensitive content. If you need more detailed photos, please contact us. We will send the uncensored photos to you.





#2 Customer Options

When you place your order, please leave a message in the Remarks with the following information: 


Skin Color+Eye Color+Toenail Color+Fingernail Color

If you don’t leave any message to us, we will default that you will require the same doll as in our advertising pictures.


Skin Color

Our dolls have 3 skin colors for choice: Wheat color, Flesh color and White color. You can choose one of them when you place your order.


Skin Color




Eye Color

Our dolls have 3 eye colors for choice: Black, Blue and Green. You can choose one of them when you place your order.


Eye Color



Toenail Color

Please send us the color number of the toenail after you order. If you don’t choose, the toenail color will be random. 





Fingernail Color

Please send us the color number of the fingernail after you order. If you don’t choose, the fingernail color will be random.





Standing or Not Standing

We provide Standing or Not Standing choice. They look different on the feet. You can choose what you like.



#3 Parcel and Packing

The parcel includes One doll and some gifts.


The gifts include: 

One Wig+One Set of Clothes+One Cleaning Tool+One Pair of Gloves+One Heating Rod


Gifts with the Doll



We pack our dolls very carefully to make sure it is safe. It is completely neutral packing, so no one will know what it is inside the carton box. Your privacy will be 100% protected.


#4 User's Instruction

1. Clothes to Wear

Please avoid wearing dark color or easy to fade clothes on the doll, because once the silicone or TPE is dyed, it is difficult to wash away the color. So just wear light color clothes on the doll. Don’t put oil or ink next to the doll in case the doll is dyed. Please wash the stockings before using. And please put some talcum powder on the doll before wearing the clothes.

2. Using of the Doll

Please put some lubricant on the doll before using. We suggest you use a condom. Don’t be too rude to the doll, as she is very delicate. Although the skeleton of the doll is made of good material, it is better to treat the doll gently. Don’t use fingernail or any other sharp object to cut the doll. If there is any rupture on the doll’s skin during using, please don’t worry. Just tell us and we will send some repairing glue to you. When you receive the glue, please put it on the ruptured place and close the rupture. Lay the doll flat on the floor and the ruptured place will heal after 24 hours.

3. Nursing of the Doll

Please use water under 40ºC to wash the doll. After washing, put some talcum powder on the doll. During washing, the joint between head and body can be washed under water. For the head, use clean wet towel to wipe the face gently, which can keep the makeup for a longer time. For the vagina, use water and shower gel to clean directly. Don’t use alcohol, strong alkaline detergent or bleaching water to clean the doll. Every 10 to 20 days the doll should be cleaned.

4. Storage of the Doll

Keep the doll in a dry and cool place. Make sure the place is clean. Avoid too high temperature or too low temperature. The ideal temperature is: 3-35 ºC. Don’t put heavy object on the doll. Lay the doll flat on the floor or in the box.

5. How to Move the Doll

Please see the instruction photo below and follow the red arrow direction to move the doll.


#5 Quality Guarantee

All our products are tested before packing and have got the following certifications: CE, ATC, CCC, FCC, ENS and GS, etc. So you can buy our dolls without any worry about the quality. Our quality is the best in the market of sex dolls.


Test Report
1 Test Report (2) Test Report (3)




#6 Important Notice

Special Notice

1. Due to the factors of computer monitors, light effect, photographic equipments and each batch of production, there will exist a little difference between the real products and the photos. So please refer to the actual products that you will receive. 

2. The clothes in the product show are just for photography purpose and will NOT  be supplied with the doll. We will give another set of clothes as a  free gift, which is sexy underwear or lingerie and randomly chosen by our workers.

About Import Tax and Customs Issues

1. This price does not include any import duty or tax. Buyers are responsible for any customs duty or import tax in their countries. 
2. If your country forbids importing of sex products, please do not make this purchase. If you insisit on purchasing these products, we are not responsible for any importing issues that you might encounter, including confiscation of the products by your customs.

About Pubic Hair

The default type of our dolls is without pubic hair. It requires an extra $60 for pubic hair. Please consult us if you want to add pubic hair. 


These sex dolls are hand-made and measured by human. As a result, there might exist some deviations in specifications between the data and the real products. We default that you can accept these deviations in specifications once you place your order to us.

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 148 × 42 × 30 cm
Item Type

Sex Dolls

Brand Name


Model Number



Medical TPE


Strong Metal Skeleton

Skin Color

Wheat Color, Flesh Color, White Color

Eye Color

Brown, Blue, Green, Black

Product Type

168cm Danish Beauty Real Silicone Sex Dolls

Sex Available

Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Vagina Sex, Breast Sex


Wig, Random Clothes, Gloves, Cleaner, Heating Rod

Customized Options

Skin, Wig, Eye Color, Nail, Feet



Feet Type

Standing Type or Not Standing Type

Height Options

168cm (5.51ft)


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